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Game Schedule:

Here is the tentative publication schedule up until mid 1998. Please note that this list is in no way set in stone; unforeseen circumstances can change both the ordering and composition of this list. It will, however, provide a good idea of what you can expect to see in COMMAND over the coming years.

Issue No.   Magazine Game Title


40* Buena Vista & Moscow Burning 41+ Wave of Terror: The Battle of the Bulge


42* Blitzkrieg '40 & Shiloh 43+ Chattanooga 44* Second Front Now! / The Alamo 45* Sea Lion: Britain's Final Hour / The Battle of Yarmuk 46+ End of Empire 47* Attila: Scourge of God / Perfidious Albion


48+ Tomorrow the World, 2nd Ed. 49+ The Great Rebellion 50* Meuse-Argonne / Iron Dream * = Two-game issues + = monster game

Ty Bomba (Editor)

Game Descriptions:

Here's a brief summary of some of the above titles:

40. Buena Vista

The key battle in the Mexican-American War. One full, large-hex map, one 1/2"countersheet, including some double-sized units for the huge Mexican columns. From Richard Pfost.

40. Moscow Burning

The Next Russian Civil War! 176 large iconic counters and a large hex map of the Russian Heartland.

41.Wave of Terror: The Battle of the Bulge

A big, two-map, battalion-level Battle of the Bulge game using a modified Berlin '45 system from John Desch.

42. Blitzkrieg '40

Two full, large-hex maps and bunches of counters, to depict the German invasion of the west at 7 miles per hex with division, brigade and some regimental units. One and two day game turns. A "what if"scenario covering a French invasion of Germany (while Poland was still fighting) will also be included. By Ty Bomba.

42. Shiloh

Another game in Chris Perello's "Fateful Lightning" series of American Civil War battles.

43. Chattanooga

The third of Chris Perello's regimental ACW system ("Fateful Lightning" Game System). Two maps, about 800 counters to cover the whole campaign around Chattanooga, from the Battle of Wauhatchie to the storming of Missionary Ridge.

44. Second Front Now!

A brother game to our ziplock, Victory in Normandy. A half map and 352 5/8" units. SFN can be played alone or joined with ViN to explore what could've happened had the Allies tried Operation Overlord in 1942 or 1943. By James Gordon.

45. The Battle of Yarmuk

A tactical treatment of the decisive five day battle that won the Levant for Islam and sent Byzantium into its long slide to oblivion. Non-linear turn sequence, 176 iconic 5/8" counters, one full, large-hex map. By Adrian McGrath.

45. Sea Lion: Britain's Final Hour

Another systemic brother to Ben Knight's Victory in Normandy, this one from L. Dean Webb. One full, large hex map, 352 NATO-style 5/8"counters, and scenarios for 1940, 1942 and 1944. (That last presumes the Germans conquered in '40, but the Americans are now counter-invading in '44.)

46. End of Empire

Two maps and 528 5/8"counters cover both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution at the regimental level. From Bill "Bunker Hill"Marsh.

47. Attila: Scourge of God

A systemic brother to issue no. 15's I am Spartacus! This one is from Roger Sandell, and uses one full size area map, and 176 iconic 5/8" counters to depict the Hun's rampage across western Europe.

48. Tomorrow the World

A global, two-map, what-if, alternative history game starting in 1948 in a world in which the Axis won WW2 in 1945, completely conquering and dividing the world among themselves. Two maps and hundreds of counters.

49. The Great Rebellion

Two full, large-hex maps and large masses of counters and chits to depict the US Civil War, including the Trans-Mississippi, at brigade level. By Chris Perello.

50. Iron Dream

A strategic east front game combining and improving the games from COMMAND #1:Blitzkrieg '41 and #2:Sunrise of Victory. One map and two countersheets to cover the war from 22 June 1941 through August 1944 at corps / army level.

Ty Bomba

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