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Due to a variety of reasons (mainly to do with very little free time) the XTR Web Site will be shutting down on January 1st, 1997. I realise that this is a regretable action to undertake but I can no longer spend the hours required to do a site of this nature justice. All files will remain on-line until sometime on the 31st December. At this time the errata files will be transferred to Web-Grognards; all other files will be transferred to John Kranz's WebX Consim Service. I wish to thank those of you who over the months have frequented this site as well as the encouraging volume of email that continues to swamp my mailbox; you certainly made a tedious job bearable.

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About COMMAND Magazine:

COMMAND magazine is a journal covering Military History, Strategy and Analysis. It is published by XTR Corporation on a bi-monthly schedule and has been in operation since the first issue rolled off the presses in November, 1989. Like several other publications covering these topics, each issue includes a complete simulation (board) game (sometimes two games) covering historical battles and/or campaigns (a non-hobby version without the game can also be purchased at a lesser cost.)

The individuals behind COMMAND magazine include the original founders: Ty Bomba (Editor), Larry Hoffman (Art and Graphics Director) and Chris Perello (Business and Advertising Manager) as well as the dozen or so Contributing Editors whose work is regularly featured.


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