COMMAND Games Index

The number in each entry indicates the issue of COMMAND; the letters following indicate the items included in that issue.

Across the Potomac                    30-G,S 31-E
Alexandros                            10-G,S 11-E,C 12-E,C
Antietam                              22-G,S 23-E, 24-E,C
Back to Iraq (ZLOC Game)              26-E,V,C 28-V
Balkan Hell                           35-G
Berlin '45 (ZLOC Game)                19-E,V,C 20-E,C
Black Gold (ZLOC Game)                9-E,V,C
Blitzkrieg '41                        1-G,S 2-E 4-V,C
Blood & Iron                          21-G,S 22-E 35-C
Budapest '45                          31-G,S 32-E
Bunker Hill                           32-G,S
Chaco                                 12-G,S 28-V
Cortes                                20-G,S 21-E
Czechoslovakia '38                    24-G,S 26-E,V,C
Death & Destruction
  (add on module for Proud Monster)   34-G,S 36-E,C
Desert Storm                          13-G,S 14-E,C,V 15-E,C 16-V,C
Fateful Lightning (ZLOC Game)         31-E, 32-E
Great War in Europe                   33-G,S 34-E, 35-V,S
Great War in the Near East            38-G, 39-V
Hamburger Hill                        5-G,S
Hougoumont                            11-G,S 12-V,C 14-E,C
Hoorah                                39-G
Inchon                                9-G,S 
Jutland                               8-G,S 10-E,C 11-V
Kadesh                                7-G,S 8-E
Krim                                  6-G,S 8-E,C 9-V,C
Lee's Greatest Gamble                 17-G,S 18-E, 21-V,C 22-V 27-V,C
Legend Begins (Rhino/Terran Games)    10-E,C
Like Lions They Fought                28-G,S 29-E
Lion of Ethiopia                      4-G,S 5-E 8-E,C 9-S
Mason-Dixon                           35-G 36-E,C 38-V
Mississippi Banzai (ZLOC Game)        7-E,C 8-E 9-V,C
Moscow Option                         37-G
Mukden                                37-G
NATO, Nukes & Nazis (ZLOC Game)       7-E, 8-E,V,C 9-V,C 10-V,C
1914: Glory's End                     29-G,S 30-E,V,C 31-E
1918: Storm in the West               16-G,S 18-V 19-C 23-V,C
Operation Solace                      5-G,S 7-E 8-V,C
Poland '39 (ZLOC Game)                19-E,V,C 20-E,C
Port Arthur                           19-G,S 22-E,C
Proud Monster                         27-G,S 28-E 35-S
Pyrrhic Victory 
  (variant to Spartacus)              19-V,C
Red Sky Morning (ZLOC Game)           11-E 12-E,C 13-E,C 14-V,C 15-V
Rommel at Gazala                      34-G,S
Samurai Sunset                        3-G,S 4-E,V,C
Seven Seas to Victory                 29-E 30-V,C 31-E
Shogun Triumphant                     23-G,S 24-E,C
Smithereens (ZLOC Game)               22-V,C 23-E,V,C 24-E,V,C 28-V 29-E
Spartacus                             15-G,S 21-E
SS Panzer                             36-G
Strike North                          39-G
  (variant to Alexandros)             14-V,C 15-E
Sunrise of Victory                    2-G,S 3-E 4-V,C 6-S
Tet '68                               18-G,S 19-E 21-E,C
Tiger of Ethiopia 
  (variant to Lion of Ethiopia)       6-V,C 9-S
Tigers are Burning (S&T 118)          4-E,C
Tomorrow the World (3W)               4-E,C 8-V,C 9-V,C 10-E,C
Triumph of the Will 
  (variant to Samurai Sunset)         5-E,V,C
Victory at Midway                     14-G,S
Victory in Normandy (ZLOC Game)       21-E 22-E,V,C 23-E 30-V 36-V
Wahoo! (ZLOC Game)                    13-E 14-E,C
When Eagles Fight                     25-G,S 26-E,V,C 32-E
When Tigers Fight                     26-G,S 27-E 28-E 31-V
Xenophon (variant to Alexandros)      14-V,C 15-E

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