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For Sale: [12 Oct 96]

I have the  following games for sale. All games are punched except those marked
MINT, and to the best of my knowledge, all games are intact, no parts missing:

SPI (note S&T games do NOT have magazines; game only):
Armada (VG, ziplock bag, 2nd ed rules, map errata done in marker)
Cobra (EX, ziplock)
Crusades (MINT, ziplock)
Frederick the Great (VG, ziplock)
Monmouth (EX, ziplock)
Napoleon at Waterloo (Fair, ziplock, map hand-colored)
Napoleon at Waterloo Expansion (MINT, ziplock)
NATO (VG, ziplock)
October War (EX, ziplock)
Operation Olympic (GD, ziplock, Japanese ID hand printed on backs of counters)
Punic Wars (GD, ziplock, some wear)
Punic Wars (FAIR, ziplock, map cut and hard-mounted)
Tannenberg (EX, ziplock)
Tito (MINT, slight wear on box)
Turning Point (VG, flatbox with usual problems)
Wilson's Creek (EX, slight wear on box)
World War I (GD, ziplock, some wear)

Crete/Malta (EX)
France '40 (VG, some wear)
Robin Hood (VG)
Tactics II (FAIR, well worn, box worn)
War at Sea (VG, some wear on box)

Axis and Allies (MB) (EX)
Mosby's Raiders (Victory) (MINT)
Pax Britannica (Victory) (EX)
Snapshot (GDW)(EX)
Striker (GDW)(VG, some wear on box)

If you are interested, make an offer (in US$).

Allen F. Jett [email protected]

For Sale: [12 Oct 96]

Trade or Sell:
VG: Omaha Beachhead, Central America, Gulfstrike (with expansion sets), 
6th Fleet, Flashpoint: Golan, and Aegean Strike.

SPI: Commando, Mechwar 77, Firefight, and Sword & the Stars.

AH: Turning Point: Stalingrad.

Yaquinto Album: French Foreign Legion.

TF: Starfleet Battles (with expansion 1,2, &3).

I prefer to trade, but will consider a sale.  I am looking for S&T 
games, with magazines if possible, issues: 31 - 35, 37 - 39, 50, 57, 67, 
119, and 129.  I am also looking for SPI games: Minuteman, Musket and 
Pike, Modern Battles II Quad (Jerusalem, Bundeswehr, DMZ, & Yugoslavia), 
and the Crimean War Quad.

Richard Thrush [email protected]

For Sale: [12 Oct 96]

For Sale! The games listed below are in very good to mint condition with all components.
The games are in boxes. The best offer is accepted (try to include about $3 for shipping 
in the continental US).


Panzer Blitz
War and Peace
Fire Power
Starship Troopers
Wooden Ships Iron Men
Panzer Leader
The Guns of August
Alpha Omega
The ArabIsreali Wars
Richtofen's War
The Third Reich
Air Force

Victory Games:
Sixth Fleet
Second Fleet
Gulf Strike
Seventh Fleet

Artic Front
Southern Front
The Third World War
Air War

Mike Lamb [email protected]

For Sale: [12 Oct 96]

Star Fleet Battles:Captain's Edition Basic Set (TaskForce Games)
Godsfire, (Metagaming)

Star Fleet Battles is unopened, Godsfire
excellent condition.

Rod Coffey [email protected]

For Sale: [7 Sep 96]

  S&T 71- Cassino: Magazine VG Game unpunched                $12.50
  S&T 74- Ney vs. Wellington: Magazine G Game unpunched      $10.00
  S&T 75- Napoleon's Art of War: Magazine VG Game unpunched  $12.50
  S&T 78- Patton's 3rd Army: Magazine G Game unpunched       $10.00
  S&T 79- Berlin '85: Magazine VG Game unpunched             $12.50
  S&T 82- Fifth Corps: Magazine G Game unpunched (bottom of
          counter sheet cut off, counters OK)                $10.00

All of these are in the original opened mailing envelope.
$1.75 per magazine for postage.

John Garrett [email protected]

For Sale: [3 Aug 96]

For Sale:

Command Back Issues/With Game:
#9  Inchon                    *Counters punched         $8.00
#31 Budapest '45              *Never played             $8.00
#32 Bunker Hill               *Never played             $8.00
#35 Mason-Dixon/              *Never played            $30.00
       Balkan Hell 
#36 SS Panzer                 *Never played            $20.00
#37 Mukden/                   *Never played            $30.00
       Moscow Option
#33 The Great war in Europe   * No Game                 $6.00

Nato Nukes & Nazis            * Never Played           $20.00
Poland '39                    * Counters punched        $6.00
Back to Iraq                  * Counters punched       $10.00

Jeff Rieck [email protected]

For Sale: [23 Jul 96]

AH  Air Force                                       VG, UP, BKB    $15
    - 1980.  Tactical WWII air game at individual plane level.
    - covers period from Battle of Britain to end of war.
    - 30 different planes include the Spitfire, Fw190, Bf109, Me262
      B-17, B-24, Ju88 and many others.
    - plotted movement, and really nice aircraft data cards.
AH   General V21#6  Firepower                    GD, MAG     $4

AH   General V23#4  Empires in Arms              VG, MAG     $4
    - 8 new scenarios for 'Wooden Ships and Iron Men'
    - strategy article for 'Empires in Arms' (EiA)
    - one page of clarifications, changes and errata for EiA
    - suggested variant to allow 2 player game of the 'War and Peace'
      Grand Campaign game.
    - a solitaire variant for 'Stellar Conquest'
    - Allied strategy for 'Napoleon'

AH   General V28#3  Eastern Front games          VG, MAG     $4
    - 2 Panzerblitz articles including new units and 6 new scenarios
    - 2 new 'Up Front' scenarios, including a 3 player scenario
    - Eastern Skies, an 'Air Force' variant with 6 new Eastern Front
      planes with data cards.
    - a study of the German first turn in 'Russian Front'
    - 2 'Russian Campaign' articles
    - insert (2 new ASL scenarios, G14 & R) is a photocopy.

Command #30 Across the Potomac               EX, PU, ZIP     $8
    - operational level simulation of the 1863 eastern
      theatre of the American Civil War.
    - Game includes two duplicate maps so it can be played
      double-blind (recommended) or in a traditional manner
      on a single map sheet.
    - both players score Victory Points (VPs) for inflicting
      losses on enemy units, foraging in enemy territory and
      capturing enemy cities.  Highest VP total wins.
    - another strong Ben Knight design.
    - one obvious errata, the Confederate units listed to set up in
      3510, should set up in 3509 (Richmond).
    - read a replay of the game.

GPG Gamefix #6 Redline Korea                 MT, UP, MAG     $6
    - 1995.  Joe Miranda's vision of a modern Korea conflict.
    - strategic level; map portrays the Korean peninsula and
      adjoining areas of China at 33km/hex; each turn is one week.
    - there are many scenario options for both sides ensuring
      replayability and experimentation.
    - magazine includes a new scenario for Ancients, Munda
      (uses counters from Gamefix #1)
    - read Doug Murphy's review of the game.

SPI Chickamauga                              GD,PU,ZIP       $5
    - part of Blue and Gray I quad.
    - 11"x17" map, less than 100 counters
    - small, quick-playing bloody battle fought at close quarters
      because of the heavily wooded field of battle
    - read Skip Franklin's review of the game.
    - one handmade replacement counter

S&T#73  Panzer Battles   (Magazine Only)     GD, MAG         $3
    - articles on Arracourt and other WWII tank battles                      

S&T#76  China War   (Game Only)              GD, PU, ZIP     $5
    - hypothetical Sino-Soviet conflict in the 1980's                      

S&T#89  Sicily   (Magazine Only)             VG, MAG         $3

S&T#124 Fortress Stalingrad                  VG, PU, ZIP     $8
    - November 1942 - March 1943 Soviet counteroffensive.
    - designed by Ty Bomba (now of XTR)

S&T#135 Sideshow                             VG, PU, ZIP     $8
    - World War I in East Africa; 250,000 Brits chase
      14,000 Germans around.  Sound lopsided?  It's not!
      British must select victory conditions to acheive each
      year and Germans must thwart them.
    - designed by Richard Berg so lots of Bergian Event Tables
      and chrome.

S&T#148 Cropredy Bridge                      GD, UP, ZIP    $10
    - regimental-level simulation of the primarily cavalry English Civil
      War battle at Cropredy Bridge between Charles I leading the Royalists
      and Sir William Waller leading the Parliamentarians.
    - game includes 3 scenarios; a 12 turn initial phases scenario, a 21 turn
      full battle scenario and a variable length hypothetical scenario
      examining what might have happened if both sides had prosecuted the
      attack more vigourously (Royalists win scenario by eliminating 100
      Parliamentarian strength points, Parliamentarians win by eliminating
      110 Royalist strength points!  Bloody!!)
    - includes game errata from S&T#150
    - game design by Dr. Michael Grace, map by Mark Simonitch, counters by
      Rick Pavek.

Wargamer Vol 1. #26  Race to the Meuse       VG, PU, MAG     $9
    - 1983.  Little-known Battle of the Bulge game.
    - covers the events of Dec. 22-27 at the westernmost
      advance of Manteufel's Fifth Panzer Army.
    - the German panzer formations must attempt to reach and cross
      the Meuse while holding their right flank against the American
    - 140 counters, 17"x22" map.
    - magazine includes:
        - an introduction to 'Up Front' article
        - a review of VG's Ambush
        - part 2 of a series replay of 'Decision at Kasserine' (WG#23)

Wargamer Vol. 1. #49  Napoleon and the Archduke Charles VG,PU,MAG  $8
    - 1986. The Battle of Aspern-Essling, May 21-22, 1809.
    - command control and formation integrity rules.
    - unit strengths and morale are kept on roster sheets (not counters)
    - magazine includes:
        - errata for House of Sa'ud and Red Baron

FGA Boardgame Journal #2                     EX,MAG          $3
    - article - "Third Reich Stuff" - collection of ideas & strategies for 3R
    - Civil War Classics and Operation Crusader errata
    - '1945: Red Star/White Star' scenario for War in Europe
    - 'The Relief of Wake Island' scenario for The Eagle and the Sun
    - War in the Pacific replay (narrative)

F&M Fire & Movement #61                      VG,MAG          $2.50
    - 3W's Tomorrow the World, analysis
    - CoA's The Last Victory, game profile, designer's notes
    - GDW's Desert Falcons module for Air Superiority, review
    - EA's Strikefleet (computer game), profile
    - S&T#125 The Far Seas, players' notes
    - S&T#124 Fortress Stalingrad, players' notes
    - VG's Tokyo Express is slammed and designer Southard responds

Wargamer Vol.2 #19                           VG, MAG         $3
    - WEG's RAF, in-depth review and analysis (13 pages!)
    - solitaire game anthology lists criteria for determining
      good solitaire games and lists writer Swan's top ten
      solitaire games
    - S&T Fall of Rome, scenario 3 replay
    - The Gamers Bloody 110, campaign analysis (by Dean Essig)
    - S&T#132 Donau Front, tactical tips

Buyer pays postage.
EX= Excellent VG= Very Good GD= Good
ZIP= ziploc bag  UP= unpunched PU= punched

Eric Pass [email protected]

For Sale: [23 Jul 96]

For Sale
Command mags./ games issues #1 to #19 (except #4). All are punched but 
in excellent condition. All mags, maps, counters present and perfect. 
All in ziplocks. Will take offers for entire collection for about 30 
days and then sell to the best.

Mike Rankin [email protected]

For Sale: [5 Jul 96]

*** Will trade any for copy of CV by Yaquinto Games ******

SPI	World War II PTO	MINT	        40.00
TFG	East Wind Rain		MINT	        35.00
GDW	Narvik			MINT	        40.00
MG	Wake Island		MINT	        50.00  (Mayfair Games)
AH	Gettysburg 60's		MINT	        40.00

AH   	Fortress Europa    	P               15.00
AH   	Third Reich        	P	        15.00  (+AH Guide To 3R)

  4     Lion of Ethiopia        MINT            40.00
  4     Lion of Ethiopia        MINT            40.00
  *     Poland '39              MINT            15.00

The Wargamer       Volume 1
 35     West Wall               MINT            10.00

Strategy & Tactics
 94     Singapore               MINT            25.00
127     Rush For Glory          MINT            12.00
141     Hannibal                MINT            12.00
143     Rio Grande              MINT            12.00
144     Chad: Toyota Wars       MINT            12.00
145     Trajan                  MINT            20.00
146     Sicily                  MINT            12.00
147     Holy War Afghanistan    MINT            12.00
158     Red Sun / Red Star      MINT            15.00
162     Clontarf/Saipan 	MINT		15.00

Bob Cloyd [email protected]

For Sale: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

Games for Sale: Rasonable Prices

Domestic USA orders only!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Canada or Overseas !!!!!!!!!!!

Magazine Games   $3.00 each, with out magazine  $2.00 each

S&T 42  The East is Red (No Magazine)           $5.00           VG
S&T 62  South Africa (No Magazine)              $5.00           VG
S&T 139 Arabian Nightmare                       $9.00          Mint
S&T 144 Chad                                    $9.00          Mint
S&T 146 Sicily                                  $9.00          Mint
S&T 152 Case Green                              $9.00          Mint
S&T 156 White Eagle Eastward                    $9.00          Mint
Wargamer 58  Clash of Empires                   $9.00          Mint

SPI  (shipping  $4.00 each)
Barbarossa              Exc/Punched            $12.50
Kamfpanzer              Exc/Punched             $8.00
Scrimmage               Exc/Punched             $8.00
Sniper                  Vg/Punched              $9.00

AH                      (shipping $4.50 Each)
DDay                    Exc/Punched             $9.00  never played
WSIM                    VG/Unpunched           $10.00  slight box wear
The Third Reich         Exc/Punched             $9.00  ist edition
Midway                  Mint/Unpunched         $15.00  includes Coral
                                                        Sea Variant
Origins of WWII         VG/punched              $9.00

Pacific War             Exc/Punched            $20.00  mostly unpunched
   slight box wear,   shipping  $6.50   heavy game.

Chancellorsville        Mint/Unpunched         $15.00
                Shipping   $4.00
Operating Shoestring    Mint/Unpunched         $20.00
                shipping    $4.00

Eagle & The Sun         Mint/Unpunched         $60.00
	2nd edition rules.
	Shipping   $6.50   - heavy game.

Steve Van Schultz [email protected]

For Sale: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

For Sale: Privateer. 10$. Mint. box.

Claude Massicotte [email protected]

For Sale: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

 12 Chaco                       Mint       10.00
 19 Port Arthur                 Mint       10.00
 20 Cortes                      Mint       10.00

Counter Attack	
  2 Lee Invades	                Mint       10.00

 58 Clash of Empires            Mint       10.00

S & T		
 52 Punic Wars                  Ex          9.00   No Magazine
 62 South Africa                Ex          9.00   No Magazine
 74 Ney vs Wellington           EX         10.00	
 83 The Kaisers Battle          Mint       13.00
 90 Monmouth                    Mint       13.00
133 Baton Rouge                 Mint       13.00
139 Arabian Nightmare           Mint       10.00
142 Red Beach One               Ex          9.00
143 Rio Grande                  Ex          9.00
144 Chad                        Mint       10.00
146 Sicily                      Mint       10.00
152 Case Green                  Mint       10.00
156 White Eagle Eastward        Mint       10.00
157 Roman Civil War             Mint       10.00

Clash Of Arms
Prelude to Disaster             Mint       13.00
Chancellorsville                Mint       23.00

West End	
South Mountain                  Mint       23.00
Chickamauga                     Mint       23.00

Eagle & The Sun                 Mint       66.00  2nd edition rules
2 copies available

War In Europe                   VG        100.00
Russian Charts are Photocopied.

All Prices include Shipping:

Steve [email protected]

For Sale: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

The following are for sale to the highest bidder (Min Bid $10 each):

Fury In The West, Battleline Edition
  Punched components in great condition, box is Very Good

Air Force, Battleline Edition
  Punched components in great condition, 
    plenty of log sheets unmarked, box is Excellent

Viva Espana, Batteline
  Punched components in great condition, box is in good shape

Ultimatum, Yaquinto
  Punched components in great condition, log sheets
    are all UNUSED, box a litle crushed but in good shape

Winners will pay $5 P & H per game (games are large and heavy)

Joseph Bornstein [email protected]

For Sale: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

I'm selling SSI's Panzer General - CDROM - PC for $30 (this includes
shipping charges).

The game is in new condition, I probably still have the reg card too.
I don't like the game - I guess I'm not 'hard-core' enough.
I can't ship until after Feb 17th 1996 - I'm on a business trip.

Michael Handiboe [email protected]

For Sale: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

All games listed below are punched but complete, and come in the standard
bookcase-size box.

Buyer pays all postage.

SPI	Air War '80			$20

- modern-era air-to-air jet combat (1945-1980)
- includes rules/counters (unpunched) for 1980 expansion set
- aircraft data sheets separated from rulebook

AH	Flight Leader			$13

- modern-era air-to-air jet combat (1945-present)
- will include AH's The General, Vol 23#1 (the one that covered FL)
  *free* as a bonus; will not be sold separately

AH	Firepower			$10

- modern-era individual/squad-level combat
- box edges slightly worn

As a bonus, I'll throw in my copies of the Steve Jackson Games classics
Ogre and G.E.V. (each in the black plastic "pocket boxes") *free* to the
first person who buys at least two of the above. :)

BTW, if you've got a copy of either GDW's Pearl Harbor or the boxed
Designer's Edition of SPI's Arnhem (in good condition, of course), I'll
trade you all of the above for either and will pick up the S/H myself
(U.S./Canada only)...

Vince Rhee [email protected]

Wanted: [12 Oct 96]

SPI Terrible Swift Sword

James Devereaux [email protected]

Wanted: [12 Oct 96]

Arab-Israeli Wars (AH), Trireme (AH/VG), France 1940 (AH), Guns of
August (AH)      

Rod Coffey [email protected]

Wanted: [12 Oct 96]

GDW/Assault Expansion Sets:
Boots and Saddles

West End's Fire Team

Peter Belford [email protected]

Wanted: [31 Aug 96]

Looking for GDW's Triplanetary (1970's era SF/strategy game)

Sid Jones [email protected]

Wanted: [31 Aug 96]

One xerox of the rules to SPI's "Green Fields Beyond."  
Include price for time and trouble.

Daniel Wolfsberg for Paul  J.K. Smith [email protected]

Wanted: [31 Aug 96]

Top dollar or trade for GDW's "Agincourt", "1942", "Guilford 
Courthouse", and "Beda Fomm".  Must include the Series 120 small 

Todd Wilson [email protected]

Wanted: [31 Aug 96]

Wanted: Nato, Nukes, & Nazis.  Am not promising 
to purchase any offer, must consider price.

Michael Powers [email protected]

Wanted: [31 Aug 96]

Tactical Combat Series  [the Gamers]
Columbia Games  (wooden blocks games - any)
A House Divided 2nd Ed.    [GDW]
Empires of the Middle Ages    [SPI]
The Art of Siege Quad      [SPI]
La Battaile series games  [Clash of Arms]

Brandon Einhorn [email protected]

Wanted: [23 Jul 96]

Wanted:  Command #7 Mag only no game.

Mike Hopper [email protected]

Wanted: [5 Jul 96]

Wanted: Wargamer #33 - Holy Roman Empire. Any reasonable condition.

Kenneth Baggaley [email protected]

Wanted: [5 Jul 96]

Wanted: Play Aid #1 for Fire in the East for the Europa Series.


Scott DeMonte [email protected]

Wanted: [5 Jul 96]

Wanted: Second Front by GRD

Philip Chiu [email protected]

Wanted: [5 Jul 96]


Brian Jacobs [email protected]

Wanted: [5 Jul 96]

Hello, I am interested in the following at excellent condition.

Command Magazines (No Games)

#14 Midway
#17 Gettysburgh
#27 Proud Monster
#28 When Lions Fight

Also, Command Games (In UP or Pu condition+magazines)

#1 Blitzkrieg
#2 Sunrise of Victory
#3 Samurai Sunset
#7 Kadesh

Back to Iraq
Red Sky Morning

GDW   Third World War Game #3:  Race for the Turkish Straits
GDW   Sands of War and/or expansion
GDW   Blood&Thunder
GDW   Team Yankee
SPI   Russian Civil War
SPI   Canadian Civil War
AH    Blitzkrieg
AH    Crescendo of Doom
AH    GI: Anvil of Victory
AH    ASL: Croix du Guerre
AH    Gunslinger
VG    Central America
VG    Vietnam
YAQ   Swashbuckler
Gam.  Perryville

If anyone has you have any of these products for sale, then please reply
to Steve Huhtala.

Steve Huhtala [email protected]

Wanted: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

Wanted: Aces over Europe.

Claude Massicotte [email protected]

Wanted: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

A copy of The Gamer's "Bloody Roads South".

[email protected]

Wanted: [placed prior to: 1 Jul 96]

Issues 1-10 of Command at reasonable prices.  Either mint or 
punched (but must be in excellent condition).

An-Jen Tai  [email protected]

Convention/Club: [5 Jul 96]

NJ Club looking for new members!

Looking for members to play Command mag games, Hex based board games, miniatures, etc. 
Meets twice a month.  Members are located in Rockland County NY, Westchester NY, NYC, 
Staten Island, Central NJ, North NJ and E. Pennsylvania.

Jersey Assoc. of Gamers
C/O Keith MacFarland
P.O. Box 167
Waldwick,NJ 07463

Keith MacFarland [email protected]

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